The chainlink team has been intimately involved in the nascent Cryptoasset and Blockchain industry since 2016. Surprisingly, the core team has been together for close to ten years. During this time we have consulted the SARB as a stakeholder in their IFWG workshops, worked for Fortune 500 financial services companies and completed Crypto and Blockchain focused education programs from the likes of Oxford University, University of Malta and the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4).
 This combination of industry knowledge, intimate relationships, and diverse skillsets has led to a team with incomparable capability that delivers exceptional results to every one of our clients. At Chainlink, our key success metric is customer satisfaction, and as such we go above and beyond to ensure client success. 

Head of Cryptoasset analysis and research

Brenton has been captivated by the Cryptoasset industry since 2015, working full time in the industry from 2016. His background in Economics and Finance drew him to the investment side of cryptoassets. Since then he has amassed a number of highly recognized qualifications in the space such as completing the Oxford Enterprise Blockchain strategy program, from Said Business School Oxford University as well as being a certified Bitcoin Professional from the Cryptocurrency Certification consortium(C4).This knowledge resulted in him being invited by the South African Reserve Bank(SARB) as part of the IFWG’s stakeholder engagements on developing a regulatory framework for Cryptoassets in South Africa.

Head of analytics and quantitative models

As the Head of Analytics and Quantitative models Darren  is a qualified actuary with a passion for A.I. He has held positions at publicly listed and Fortune 500 Financial services firms as both a quantitative analyst and pricing actuary. This line of work led him into the field of Fintech and Data science. Darren has a keen interest in using A.I, particularly machine learning processes, to optimize real world models and is a specialist in creating both prescriptive and predictive analytics models

Technical development and integrations lead

Branden has completed his degree in computer science and takes charge of all technical development requirements for Chainlink. He holds multiple accreditations in the space from the likes of IBM, as well as being a certified blockchain and supply chain professional from the Blockchain Council. After entering the software industry his exposure to the space of trading and Crypto captivated him, leading him to him specializing in integrating crypto technology/products as well as automating trading strategies.