Whether you are a professional with no time to actively engage and learn about the market, or an existing equities or forex trader who needs a trading ecosystem set up for them. Chainlink Capital and our team of experts are here to help you achieve your objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible . We have a network of service providers such as foreign exchange intermediaries, OTC desks abroad and other service providers to ensure a safe, compliant and professional experience, every time.

You can find some of our more specific service offerings below:

Transaction services

  • Set up of Over-The-Counter (OTC) desk accounts
  • Facilitate large volume transactions to execute at global market price or better (>$35,000)
  • Facilitate and service provider set up for Arbitrageurs (2%-7% premium on SA markets)
  • Cross-border payment advising and facilitation (inward and outward)
  • Compliance and regulatory advice ( Single Discretionary allowances, Foreign Capital allowances, taxation on Cryptoasset investments etc.)

investment services

  • Asset allocation advice

  • Bespoke portfolio creation, set up and management

  • Investment strategy advice

  • Cryptoasset valuation frameworks

  • Automated and discretionary portfolio rebalancing

  • Individual project reports

  • Customized investment dashboards (Fundamental and proprietary metrics)

  • Basic exchange account and ecosystem set up and training

Technology services

  • Business use case analysis
  • Backup and recovery protocols

  • Staking as a service or advice on staking
  • Exchange/service provider account set up training 

  • Hardware wallet (Cold storage) set up 

  • Sensitive information encryption (Private keys etc.)

  • Automated trading strategy creation and deployment

  • Cryptoasset and Blockchain technology integrations and development (Payment gateways, Cold and Hot Wallets, IBM Hyperledger applications)